News 2020/11/02: Sale closed, Updates

Hey everyone!
First of all, our big 2020 Sale is now officially CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who purchased something, it means a lot to us!
That’s not all for today though, got a couple more news waiting for you all:
– Hiring new Activity Roller Admin
We are currently in need of a new Activity Roller Admin!
If you’re over 18, have enough time and are interested to help us out please follow this link: Admin-Applications
At the bottom of this journal you will find all the information you need to apply for an Admin position!
– Ear Mutations
Ear Mutations will undergo a couple of changes in fact!
First: we finally added different types of ears for our Megaloceros species!
Second: they will no longer be available for LFC. Instead, you can purchase them for Beads in the normal Merchants Hut! They will have the same price as Magical Adornments and Expression Changer: 4000 Beads.
Third: we will change the items’ name from Ear Mutation to Ear Changer. In fact, our two Eye Mutations will have the “Mutation” part removed from their name as well. We noticed quite some confusion sometimes and they were considered actualy, passable mutations while they are not. To avoid this from happening, we simply remove the confusing part of the name c:
– Small Updates
New month always means new Monthly Quest which is ready to participate in! The species for our Monthly Bonus changed as well so our lovey Equines will now benefit from it for a month!
Now something small concerning Import and Item descriptions (these changes only concern descriptions on the CaveSpeaker Account, not the website!):
Import descriptions:
Tack and Traits were sorted after the area they concern (e.g.: all hunting tack your beast has applied is now together at the top under Activity Tack, followed by all fishing tack that is applied etc etc). We decided to sort it because we noticed some beasts who have a ton of tack and traits can be quite confusing to look at for both players and admins. To make all our lives easier we bring some order into it so everything can be seen super fast!
What you have to do from now on when applying tack? Nothing! Our admins will sort the tack and traits accordingly if there is a change!
Item descriptions:
We also decided to change the descriptions of our items. Remove the things we don’t need, make it easier to read and all important information being there without a ton of text around it. Again, it’s a rather small change and will probably not change much, but it hopefully will make things easier nontheless c:
~ Falbe