News 2020/11/15: Small updates, Winter Lore Event

Hey guys!
Got some news for you again today c:
– Bloodmoon Event
The Event is now officially over! Starting now, any activity submitted will not roll event loot even if it fits the requirements.
– New Admin Bean
Please say hello to our new Activity Roller HatiMoonchaser! Welcome to our team and we hope you’ll like it here and have some fun as well c;
– Protector of the Forest Primal Trait
Our Primal Trait “Protector of the Forest” was slightly changed.
So far we had Primal Traits for Hunting, Fishing, Discovery and 3 others for any activity. To make it fair and give Foraging its own Primal Trait as well we decided to change the “Protector of the Forest” Trait to “Protector of the Harvest” being specifically for Foraging.
Don’t worry, there is nothing you have to do in order to have the trait changed if you have a beast having this trait, we already changed it!
On another note – we decided to also include the beast having the trait to the ones profitting from it (so far it was always the others getting the bonus, not the beast having it)
Last point for today and probably the one you wanted to read most about when looking at the header: WINTER LORE EVENT
Yes, you see right, after an eternity it’s time for another Lore Event!
With this Lore Event we basically release the first parts of our big Lore Patch:
– The Lore we have so far was reworked and will be released once the Event starts
– New pieces of our Lore will be released together with some special guests c;
The next steps in the patch basically include:
– a new World Map
– Lore and Personalities for all our Gods
– more Lore c;
– NPCs together with reworked Spirit Trials, Boss Battle and a brand new Blackmarket!
The Lore Event will start on December 12th, 2020
I hope you guys are excited as we are!
~ Falbe