News 2020/12/24: New Cosmetic Guide and more!

I’d like to wish you all Happy Holidays, no matter if it’s the 24th or 25th you celebrate!
Today I have quite a bunch of news for you, hope you’re ready c;
– Door 6 of our Advent Calendar
Yes, normally they open around Noon EST / 6pm CET. As my family will probably already start celebrating Christmas until then we decided to open the door a tad earlier today!
Today is actually a very special day! The Old Bear invites you to sit down with him and listen to his tale of K’malous’ Rise and Fall.
To read what happened simply follow this link: The Rise and Fall of K’malou
The link will lead you to our official Lore page with the new part added already!
We hope you will enjoy the new part! uwu
– New Cosmetic Guide
The new guide is finally finished and we do hope it makes a lot of things more clear.
I also would like to add, if you have an idea for something, but it is not mentioned anywhere in the guide, feel free to ask us about it!
You’re also free to ask if anything in the guide is confusing or you need help understanding something. We’re happy to answer questions and rewrite parts of the guide if you tell us it’s too confusing!
Click here to get to the new guide: Cosmetic Items
– Ear and Eye Changer
Together with the new Cosmetic Guide, we decided to change two items we have: Our Ear Changer and our Eye Changer (previously known as Slit or Red Eye Mutation).
Ear Changer:
So far you were only able to choose ears from our templates. However, to give you guys more freedom when it comes to character creation, we decided to scrap that rule.
It is now possible to draw your very own ears! Nor do they all have to be in “I’m listening”-mode. You have a fearfull Worg? Draw the ears laid back, no problem at all.
The Templates will still be up and stay for people who can’t or don’t want to draw their own ears!
We also changed the Crafting recipe: it is now an Apprentice recipe just like the Expression Changer.
Eye Changer:
As I already mentioned above, before the change this changer was known as Slit and Red Eye Mutation.
To give some more freedom when it comes to eyes we decided to merge these two and make an Eye Changer out of them.
It is possible to craft this item now (Apprentice craft just like the other Changers) and it can be purchased in the Merchants Hut.
To read about the different rules and what exactly is now possible, please follow the link above to our new Cosmetic Guide!
– Tracker for Primals and NPCs
I already mentioned players can use Primals and NPCs for activities.
We noticed some confusion when it came to trackers for them to get loot with them.
If you want to get loot with the Primal / NPC you added in your activity you have basically two ways to do it:
If you have a “global” activity tracker for all your beasts, just link to this tracker
If you have a tracker for each of your beasts, you can create a tracker especially for the Primal / NPCs
Important: If you do not add a tracker, the other beasts get the Primals / NPC bonus, but you get no loot from the Primal / NPC!
Example for a Primal / NPC tracker: HatiMoonchaser – Primal/NPC/Leasing Tracker
– Misc Announcements
First if all, congrats to Fogdragon23 for winning our Wild Rouge!
I’m also happy to announce that starting today, a new Wild will be able to be caught!
Back to NPCs – their traits CANNOT be inherited, only Primal traits can. We never clarified it so we wanted to add it before someone tries to get slots to NPCs just for their traits.
Also, Special Case Abyss and Captain: If you draw both of them in one image, they will count as ONE NPC, not two!
We decided to make a small change in the Adoption Center as well: so far Newbie genos were those worth 8 Lifeshards or less.
To make it more fair in regard of the old tames having rare markings from time to time, we’re going to increase it from 8 to 15!
Please bear with us while we try to implement all changes as soon as possible, but it’s Christmas time and many Admins are busy so we are not as fast as ususal!
~ Falbe