News 2020/12/12: Winter Lore Event

Heya everyone!
I’m happy to announce that our Winter Lore Event is finally LIVE!
Here’s the link to the page: Winter Lore Event 2020
Of course, links to the page can also be found on our deviantArt front page and on the Welcome page of our website!
While it does look like there is not much for you to do this year, keep in mind the “regular” Winter Event is live as well and you can get some nice Winter Event loot with your activities as long as they follow the requirement.
And there’s a chance to randomly roll Albino mutations in breedings, so best of luck!
On a small sidenote:
Sometime next week I will post another announcement concerning the new Cosmetic Guide and some clarifications regarding Primals and NPC traits and their use in activities.
~ Falbe