News 2021/03/07: Cyclings open

Heya everyone!
Today I have some more news besides our Cyclings opening again:
Spring Cyclings are now open and you can start to comment!
Valentine Mini Lore Event ends tomorrow.
So if you have more entries you want to post, better hurry! c:
On a sidenote – we accidentally closed the thread to redeem your rewards for the quests. It is now open again and you can comment on it. You can find the links on the Event page or on the Winter Cycling Hub.
Updates on Lore of Gods / NPCs, new God Slots available, etc
As you might have seen, some of our Gods (namely Arwii, Donii and Ruda) and NPCs (Kala and Dettlaff) got a small update with their personal Lore c:
You can find it on their Imports on CaveSpeaker!
We also uploaded two new Breeding Items: Donii’s Flower and Golden Blood of Arwii. The Flower will give you a slot to Donii, and the Golden Blood to Arwii! As we already said, the Golden Blood of Arwii can only be gotten through revealing the Golden Apple, NOT by simply using it in a breedings! The rest of the God Slots can directly be chosen when using an Apple in a breeding.
Arwii also brings a new BG! It was added to our activity roller and can be found using a Birthday Cake c:
Concerning Lady / Donii: Lady can no longer be used in activities. Neither will she give you a bonus nor will you be able to get loot from her. But don’t fret! Donii has in fact the exact same trait you can benefit from when adding her to your images. Only difference: you will not be able to get loot from Donii as she is a Goddess
We also went ahead and updated our Ursus lines to add Arwii’s Mist Mane and Tail! The Children Guide will follow soon!
Terror Bird Release
It’s almost time! The new species will be released with our Rainy Skies Event, which starts April 5th!
We hope you are as excited as we are! 😀
New Wild will be released on March 9th.
That’s all for today. Wish you all a wonderful rest Sunday!
~ Falbe