News 2021/04/01: Monthly Changes

Hello everyone!
Today another new month started and we have the usual changes:
– the Monthly Quest changed
– the Monthly Bonus changed and can now be triggered by Equus in activities
Seasonal Adventure
It was also the end of the first Seasonal Adventure this year, so here’s the new one, focusing on Arwii and Kala and their Lifemate ceremony:
Seasonal Adventure: A Godly Union
The reward will be a Bead of Devotion, decreasing the amount of images needed for Lifemate submitions!
Stealing someone’s design
Someone DMed me over on Discord, showing me images of another player copying parts of a design they did for one of their beasts.
Which is absolutely NOT okay! Getting inspired by another players design, trying to do something similar (similar, not the exact same!) is fine, but please do NOT trace or copy in a way that doesn’t show any difference.
Should we notice someone having copied another players design during the submission process, we will send them back to change it and give them an official strike!
Should we notice through another player telling us, we won’t force them to change the design, however, they will still get an official strike!
What are strikes?
Players can get strikes when crossing our rules. One strike doesn’t do anything yet. Two strikes gives the player a 2 week long timeout and three strikes give a group ban.
new Tetl BG
I’m happy to announce that we finally have the long awaited Tetl Background that can be gained through the Completeling the Collection Milestone!
Thanks WiIdPaws for drawing this amazing background!
Do you guys remember last years April Fool? On which we let you hunt down the elusive Terror Bird yet all you got was a Dodo?
Well, I think we owe you all this one c;

~ Falbe