News 2022/01/15: New Seasonal Adventure

Hello everyone!
I know, it’s unusual for us to post an announcement outside of Monthly Changes, however, today will be a small exception c;
As some might have noticed, in our last announcement there was nothing written about a new Seasonal Adventure, even though the old one (Umbru Eclipsed) already ended December 31st.
Due to the Admin Team being busy with family during the holidays and New Year we didn’t manage to finish the new one, which should have started January 1st.
I have good news for everyone waiting for the new Seasonal though, we are finally able to release it! And since we needed until January 15th, you will have time until April 15ths to finish the new Seasonal Adventure “A Helping Hand” c:
The next one will be released April 1st nonetheless, so for the first 15 days in April it is possible to submit Quests for both A Helping Hand and the next one without needed Quest Tickets <3
Here’s the new Seasonal Adventure: A Helping Hand
We wish you lots of fun with it!
~ Falbe