News 2022/02/12: Start of the Valentines (Lore) Event

Hello everyone!
Some may have had a hunch already – it’s time for yet another Lore event! c:
This Lore Event is all about Hasswei and how he disappeared and later returned to Prehistoria again. And what better way is there to retrieve the Lore of the God of Hunt himself thaaaaan – going on a hunt for hidden Sunstones \o/
To find our more about the new Lore Event and its game have a look here: Valentines Lore Event 2021
The first Runed Sunstone was already hidden somewhere btw c;
We’re super excited to announce the return of the Beast of the Month as well!
However, from now on it will be called “Beast of a Season” and awarded at the end of each season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) instead of monthly.
The prize the winner will get are now 5 Long Forgotten Coins, 10000 Beads and an Overflowing Treasure Chest.
The biggest change will be the whole voting process though! Instead of having you players vote for a BotS, the Admin Team will take over this part. While you still may suggest players and beasts you think deserve the title, the Admin Team will pick a winner from all nominees and award the badge.
We decided to change it this way for two simple reasons:
– the participation went down and we had almost noone anymore, who voted for a beast
– we have more control over who wins and can avoid players getting multiple BotS awards in a row, or being voted for all the time simply because they’re more known than other players who made the same effort with their beast
If you want to read more about this change, have a look here: Beast of the Season
Or comment on our group page / in our help_me_plz channel on Discord c:
~ Falbe