News 2022/05/01: Monthly Changes, Updates

Hello everyone!
It’s time for our monthly update again as May finally arrived c:
– the Monthly Bonus is now active for Ursus! They can find a Merchant Hut Tack Token in regular activities, with which you can get any Tack Item you want from the Merchants Hut!
– the Monthly Quest changed as well!
– our Rahutu Trading Post changed it’s offered items as well, this month with an Abandoned Baby of your choice as special item. Beware that this only applies to Sabers, Dire Worgs, Equus, Ursus, Megaloceros and Terror Birds. You cannot claim an Ancient Saber!
– our Rainy Skies Event ended last midnight as well. Thanks again for everyone who participated and congrats to those who found a piece of Lore! c:
For those wanting to read the story behind Hathar’s return: The return of Water
– since this is the last month for our Spring Cycling, don’t forget to suggest someone for Beast of the Season if you have a certain beast in mind deserving this title in your opinion!
Here’s the link to the comment thread: Beast of the Season – Suggestions
– last but not least, a small warning concerning asking for specific parents if your beasts has an empty lineage and gets their parents rolled through RNG.
Recently we had a few cases where people simply added parents into the lineage without even asking. Please don’t do something like that.
Sure, we basically allow 99% of parent requests as we see why peeps want to ask for something like that (be it two beasts they want to have as lifemates, having them as siblings, etc).
However, for politeness sake – ask us when submitting your design for approval. After all beasts without parentage are supposed to get them through RNG.
~ Falbe