News 2022/06/02: Monthly Changes

Hello everyone!
June is finally here and it’s time for our monthly changes:
– the Monthly Bonus is now active for Megaloceros! They can find a Merchant Hut Tack Token in regular activities, with which you can get any Tack Item you want from the Merchants Hut!
– the Monthly Quest changed as well!
– our Rahutu Trading Post changed it’s offered items as well, this month with a Stitched Bear as special item.
– our Spring Cycling Hub is now closed since we have a season change this month as well! We will make an announcement once the Summer Cycling is open c:
– season change also means we have a new Beast of the Season! This season it’s Thorvin’s time to shine! A gorgeous, proud looking megaloceros, Thorvin has made himself known through the many activities he’s participated in through the works of Xilveros. In both writing and artwork, he shows to have a big personality that has drawn the attention of many within the group. Xilveros shows their love for Thorvin through these pieces and has helped him shine through the crowd! And we cannot wait to see what else there is in store for this mighty megaloceros!
– to celebrate Pride Month with you all, we also have a new background available! c:
Pride BG – 1800x1200px
Pride BG – 3600x2400px
You can find more flag variations besides the rainbow flag down in the description. If you think we’re missing a flag, feel free to comment below the Pride BGs, in our suggestions or send a note to the group with your suggestion <3
Now the important part – how can you get it?
One bg you get for free. Simply choose a beast you want it to add to and change the background.
You also have the chance to get a second one for free if you draw one of your LGBTQ+ beasts. Submit it to the group with a small notice in the description and an Admin will add the BG to your stash!
Last but not least, the background is also available in our Merchant’s Hut. During the entire Pride Month it will be available for 2000 Beads before it changes its price back to 5000 Beads the rest of the year.
Happy Pride Month everyone <3
Oh, and you might want to keep your eyes open for something big coming soon c;
~ Falbe