News 2022/08/06: Tribe Update, future species info

Hello everyone!
Summer Time! August started and with it we had our monthly changes:
– the Monthly Bonus has a new reward: 1 Rare Companion Token! As this is a new cycle, we start with (Ancient) Sabers as always.
– the Monthly Quest changed as well!
– our Rahutu Trading Post changed it’s offered items as well, this month with a Golden Charm of Shapeshifting as special item.
– our Birthday Event is now finally over! The next one, our Shadow of Umbru Event, will start on August 19th.
– During our Birthday Event we also released our rework of Tribes! If you want to find out more, head over to our website or front page on dA and check out our Tribe category.
Before registering your tribe, please read everything carefully, as quite a lot of things changed, such as Tribe Items, Ranking, the shop and much more!
Also, a big thank you to otterbird drawing the sceneries for our NPC Tribes and the-evil-legacy drawing our NPC Tribe leaders!
– this is the last month for our Summer Season, so don’t forget to suggest someone for Beast of the Season if you have someone fitting! c:
– on another note concerning future species or rather species suggestions. We already have all our future species planned out (7 species and 3 Ancient sub-species) and we will not add any more after that. Which is why we will no longer answer questions like “Can you add species xy?”. While you technically still can post species suggestions in our suggestion journal, be aware that we will ignore those since, as mentioned above, there will be no more species than the already planned ones.
However, you are still very much welcome to discuss which species you might think we are going to add!
We only wanted to clarify the situation around species suggestions, as this topic blew up a little bit the last few weeks and we got a lot of requests / questions surrounding this topic.
~ Falbe