News 2022/09/01: Monthly Changes, Boss Battle, Updates

Hello everyone!
Fall’s coming slowly but surely and it’s time to say goodbye to August. Here are the normal, monthly changes:
– the Monthly Bonus is now active for Dire Worgs! They can find a Rare Companion Token in regular activities!
– the Monthly Quest changed as well!
– our Rahutu Trading Post changed it’s offered items as well, this month with a Runed Talisman as special item.
– it is also the end of our Summer Cycling HUB, so all Cyclings are closed until we cleaned everything! We will let you know through our Mini Announcement once the Fall Cyclings open up!
– since we had a Season change within Prehistoria it’s time for a new Beast of the Season as well: congrats SacredScales, your boy Grayhorn D915 is this Season’s winner! We added the prize to your stash and Grayhorn got his Golden Glyph under Milestones c:
small reminder for our Seasonal Adventure: Amzi Undergrounds Secrets. It’s the last month to participate before a new Seasonal will be released, so better get those last entries in!
– a headsup for a small rule change for Tribes as well: to make it easier for Admins to track everything we decided to add that Tribes have to oficially register every new member joining them. This way we want to avoid having to catch up with the tribe owners every time something is related to their tribe members (e.g “Is player xy part of your tribe?”, etc).
Registering a new member will happen in the same thread as Tribe Registrations. The new form and so on will be added to the comment in the new Tribe Work Cycling!
– last but not least, BOSS BATTLES ARE BACK!
Some might have noticed it already with the start of our current event: we finally released our reworked Boss Battles!
You can find all information on here which can be found on our website under Guides -> Activities -> Boss Battle.
We can’t wait to see the first entries and wish you lots of fun! <3
~ Falbe