News 2023/03/08: Monthly Changes, Lifemates rework

Hello everyone!
Apologies for taking so long this month, the bottleneck was yet again me thanks to school and afterwards catching a cold x’D
I finally managed to finish everything up so here are our usual monthly changes:
– the Monthly Bonus is now active for Dire Worgs! They can find a Special BG Token in regular activities!
– the Monthly Quest changed as well!
– our Rahutu Trading Post changed it’s offered items as well, this month with a Machuahuitl as special item.
Since we had a Season Change as well:
– the old Winter Cycling Hub was closed, cleaned up and by now the new Spring Cycling Hub is up and running is as well!
– Congrats to Fogdragon23 for winning BotS with G’nasher T41! Shown with plenty of love even through his design, G’nasher is a fantastic bird through the art of Fogdragon23! Need help with hunting? You got a fierce hunter right here! He may be intimidating to look at sometimes, but he’s just as handsome as he is tough. G’nasher is overall a pretty awesome terror bird, and Fogdragon23 has shown just how much they love this guy! Be sure to also show your love and appreciation to this cool bird!
– We also reworked our Lifemates a little bit! It was supposed to be released once the Valentines Event ends, unfortunately school held me in a choke hold with important exams, so we throw everything at you now ❤️
The more important question here though, what changed? A minor change was for example the adjustment of some rules, which didn’t make sense or where too hard / restrictive.
One of the bigger changes was adding a new Milestone (which is already applied to all lifemated beasts, nothing to do here!) and a new special cosmetic items only usable by Lifemates: the Lover’s Bond item!
As always, everything can be found on the website: Lifemates Guide
– Another small detail that goes hand in hand with our Lifemate rework was to give Shaggy the Lore and Personality he deserves, again written by our awesome LadyTeaTime ❤️
You can check everything out on his Import: Shaggy, the Lover
~ Falbe