News 2023/08/05: Monthly Changes, Mammoth Release Sale

Hello everyone!
As always when a new month start, here are our usual monthly changes:
– the Monthly Bonus started a new cycle! We start with (Ancient) Sabers again and this time around you have a chance to find a Golden Charm of Altering during activities!
– the Monthly Quest changed as well!
– our Rahutu Trading Post changed it’s offered items as well, this month with a Potion of the Night as special item.
– After 2 years since our Terror Bird release it is finally time to reveal the 7th and last species we will introduce to the game: MAMMOTH
And you don’t have to wait much longer either! The release sale of our big buddies will be held during the entirety of our Shadow of Umbru Event, from August 20th to September 3rd, Midnight EST.
I hope you guys are as excited as we are! c;
– Another important announcement going along with the Mammoth Release Sale: this sale will actually be our last sale involving real life money. All future sales after this one will only require Beads to purchase items, customs, slots. etc.
Some may ask now, “Why is this sale still involving money then?”.
Well, long story short, I’m still in the middle of my apprenticeship, I have roughly 1 year left until I earn a good salary. Good salary meaning I earn 2,5 to 3 times what I get now (taxes ignored). This would mean I can cover the website fees without any problem AND could easily have a fix (yearly or monthly) budget for group commissions. This sale would basically build up a money cushion for those last few months until I’m done with my apprenticeship.
There might be a charity sale in between (like our Ukraine fundraiser some time ago) but in these cases not part, but all of the raised money will go to charity <3
~ Falbe