News 2023/09/03: Monthly Changes, New Season

Hello everyone!
As always when a new month start, here are our usual monthly changes:
– the Monthly Bonus is now active for Dire Worgs! They can find a Golden Charm of Altering in regular activities!
– the Monthly Quest changed as well!
– our Rahutu Trading Post changed it’s offered items as well, this month with a Burning Statue as special item.
– We also had a Season Change, so it is time for a new Cycling Hub! All links on the website were updated and it is ready to be used!
– A new season also means a new Beast of the Season! Congrats to gilt-kutabe and Addi D950!
Ever since the moment of being tamed, Addi has been embraced by an outpouring of affection. A distinct figure with an undeniable presence, Addi has seamlessly etched her mark on Prehistoria. gilt-kutabe’s love for her is evident with every piece almost always having her center stage. Every inch of this enchanting world has been her playground, and her curiosity knows no bounds. Addi’s journey promises to be an unending one as with each passing day; she evolves, grows, and leaves an indelible impact on those who cross her path. Gilt-kutabe clearly adores Addi, and shows no sign of stopping!
~ Falbe