News 2024/02/04: Monthly Changes

Hello everyone!
Despite a slight delay of a couple days it’s finally time for the monthly updates c:
As always when a new month start, here are our usual changes:
– the Monthly Bonus is now active for Mammoths! They can find a Golden Charm of Altering in regular activities!
– the Monthly Quest changed as well!
– our Rahutu Trading Post changed it’s offered items as well, this month with a Rainbow Rose as special item.
– Unfortunately, there was a slight mishap from our side when changing from the old group layout to the new: we forgot that subfolders can no longer have subfolders themselves.
This means that all art / literature that was submitted to those subfolders is currently somewhere in the void and we have no access to them. For the majority of folders it has no consequence for players except for the fact that we “lost” a lot of beautiful art / literature to look at / read.
However, there is one folder that does have a consequence: Tetl Expedition Entries. All unrolled entries of this folder are in the void as well, so please, if you have an expedition activity that is still waiting to be rolled, resubmit it to the Expedition Entries folder and we will take care of it as soon as possible! <3
Staying with the subject of folders, we also created a new one: Member-made resources.
Here you can submit everything you would like to share with other players, be it buttin designs, templates, etc.!
– We also adjusted the Trait selling prices for uncommon, rare and exotic traits, as we noticed the previous prices were too high and would break the market!
Common Traits stayed at 8 Shards, Uncommon Traits can now be sold for 10 Shards, Rare Traits for 12 Shards and Exotic Traits for 14 Shards.
– As a small sidenote, we also noticed that the Free Black ranges for Dire Worgs were a bit different / smaller around the ears compared to the other species. This is now fixed and we updated our guide with the new range images <3
– Last but not least, a small reminder for our Beast of the Season. February is the last month for the WInter Cycling, so if you have a beast you want to suggest feel free to comment in our Suggestion Journal!
~ Falbe