News 2024/01/01: New year, some changes

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope you had a good switch from 2023 to 2024! c:
Talking about changes, we started a new month, so it is time for our usual stuff:
– the Monthly Bonus is now active for Terror Bird! They can find a Golden Charm of Altering in regular activities!
– the Monthly Quest changed as well!
– our Rahutu Trading Post changed it’s offered items as well, this month with a Golden Charm of Altering as special item.
– We also have a new Seasonal Adventure: Dawn of a New Year.
As the name implies and fitting to our current time it is about possible plans for the next year or saying goodbye to those we lost in the last year.
Also quite fitting, the reward! This time it is a Potion of Oblivion, which will reset all reached Harmony Ranks of your beast once applied. This will also remove the two traits gained through ranking up (Legendary Resilience and Natural Selection). However, it will not affect the breeding slots used so far! So better keep your list as they will not be set back.
You can check everything out on here:
Seasonal Adventure: Dawn of a New Year
– Since our old Breeding Permission / Leasing and Suggestion Journal was already 2 years old we decided to send it into retirement and get a new one! All links have been switched out already.
– Another thing we sent into retirement is our Website Update deviation. The website has now all pages set up and filled, so it is no longer necessary!
– As a small add-on to our last news, in which we presented the Design Rework 2.0: We noticed a small derp with Raindrop. Previously it was a marking for all species except Sabers, however, we accidentally made it universal (which includes Sabers).
After a short discussion we decided to leave it that way and just add Raindrop as a marking for Sabers, all rollers were updated and are ready to roll some Raindrop-Sabers for you c;
– Now to probably the biggest change concerning our group on deviantArt. As some might be aware of deviantArt decided to change their handling / design of groups.
Today all group owners got the possibility to switch to the new design. This means we could have kept our design for a while longer… but decided to make a jump into the cold water in the end. No need to delay the inevitable.
As of today, our front page on dA will have a new look. While we did have more limitations in customization, we did try to make the best out of it!
~ Falbe