News 2024/04/07: Event extensions, update on two items

Hello everyone!
Today’s announcement is a bit out of the ordinary as we usually would handle things like this through Mini-Announcement. However, since we want to reach as many players as possible we decided to create a announcement so everyone gets a notice c:
Primal Design Community Contest
This contest would end tomorrow, April 8th, Midnight EST. As we do not have many entries yet we decided to extend the deadline to end of May: May 31st, Midnight EST.
Additionally, it will be decoupled from the Rainy Skies Event and every player entering a design will now get either a Sinew Bound or Overflowing Treasure Chest. It will be randomly rolled which one it will be in the end <3
Egg hunt
Apparently I hid the eggs better than anticipated and quite a few people have trouble finding all eggs, which is why we decided to extend this event for another week as well! The new deadline is now April 14th, Midnight EST.
We also decided to give a little hint as to where the eggs are hiding:

  • The egg on the Welcome page of the website does NOT count towards the ten (10) eggs! It is simply added to show how the eggs look like c:
  • We have TWO (2) eggs hiding in the Main Cave section
  • Another TWO (2) eggs are hiding in the Guides section
  • The Cycling Hub section has only ONE (1) egg
  • TWO (2) eggs are hidden within the Design Cave section
  • ONE (1) egg is hidden somewhere in the Merchants section
  • And the Tribes section is hiding another TWO (2) eggs
  • All eggs can be hidden anywhere on the page, so scroll down from top to bottom and check the whole page, not just the top!
  • It is also possible that an egg is hiding on a page, which can only be accessed through another page, not the menu! (E.g. the “Harmony Prompts and Themes” page found in our “Harmony Rank Guide“)

Update on the coat down- and upgrader
In the beginning, both the coat down- and upgrader were only available through our newest Seasonal Adventure “Inside Enlils Forest“. However, we added the two of them to our craftable items, so you can now find their recipes on our “Crafting” page! c:
~ Falbe