Valentine Mini Lore Event 2021


Valentine’s Day is all about love. To celebrate this special day we decided to hold a small Lore Event focusing on friendship and love.


Welcome to this years’ Valentine Mini Lore Event!
While Valentines Day, as the name already suggests, normally only lasts a day, our event will last around three weeks. During these three weeks you can do everything our events normally offer:
– gather Valentine Event loot by submitting activities meeting our requirements (feature another players’ beast or write something nice to someone else in your description)
– or breeding your beasts to have a chance to randomly roll a Beach Morning Mutation!
This time, however, you are also able to do some quests! The quests will focus on two pairs, which we will not name just yet though. One pairs’ focus lies on friendship, the others’ focus on love.
You can find more details and rules for the quests here: Quests
Just like the Winter Lore Event, we also have two new characters to introduce: Ruda, God of Children and Kala, a new NPC!





Rules and Requirements for the quests:
As the quests will focus on two different pairs, as mentioned above, we decided to split the quests into two paths. Each path will have three quests. Different than usual though, the quests will not all be released immediately! Instead, to avoid spoilers, they will be revealed on different days:
– The first quests with the start of this event.
– The second quests on Thursday, February 18th, Noon EST / 6 pm CET.
– The third quests on Wednesday, February 24th, Noon EST / 6 pm CET.
The reward for finishing a path will be an Overflowing Treasure Chest, which you can claim here: Comment
Please note for the Terror Bird in the Friendship Quest: They identify as non binary, so please use they / them pronouns! If we see someone using he / she, we will reject the deviation / literature until the pronouns were changed!
To find our more about the locations of our quest, head over to our Places of Interest page to get some ideas on how the areas look like: Places of Interest
Required form in your entries’ description:
Path and Quest part:
Basic rules / requirements:
– Up to three beasts are allowed, but one beast must be constant in each piece.
– Beasts must be focusing on the task given.
– All beasts featured will get HP for each part.
– You can claim the Overflowing Treasure Chest once per path with a beast that was in all three entries!
– It is possible to do both paths or to do them more often.
– Quests must be submitted to the “Valentine Event” gallery folder on Deviant Art.
Rules / requirements specifically for art:
– The beasts must be recognizable and display all their markings, even minimally.
– Must show at least 70% of your beast (Activity Ranges).
– If the quest requires a NPCs to be featured, you must show at least 50% of them in your entry.
– Visual works must be at least 500 x 500 pixels, or an equal dimension (exp: 400 x 600).
– Must have at least a complex background (Image complexity).
– Must be colored. Shading is optional.
Rules / requirements specifically for literature:
– Must be at least 1200 words.
– Beast must be mentioned frequently throughout (every 100-200 words).
– If collaborating, each person must write at least 700 words each.


The quests:

Friendship – Quest 1:
During your last adventures, your steps took you to the Amaguq desert. Although the place is inhospitable and survival here is difficult, you decide to travel there to behold the mysterious Inua Lake. This lake is rumored to be highly revered and valued by the God of Life himself. As you arrive at its shores, to your pleasant surprise you realize you’re not the only one there. In the distance you see none other than Lady herself.
After a few days spent in her company enjoying the fleeting beauty of the lake, you bid the great Lady farewell and resume your travels to someplace more hospitable than Inua Lake.
On your journey, you notice a distant silhouette across that way that practically merged with the ochre tones of the desert. Approaching with curiosity, you realize that the silhouette was that of a Terror Bird. Their back was covered with a large animal skin and fastened in place with a leather strap. Hooked onto the strap were multiple pouches filled with a wide assortment of items. Around their neck, ankles, and feet were pieces of handmade jewelry that clinked and jingled pleasantly whenever they moved. The bird looked friendly and greeted you warmly, although there was some anxiety on its painted face.
A small group of young beasts surrounded the bird. They varied in age but were all still too young to be left alone in the wild. One of the young, however, was not looking well. Lying in the shade of the big bird, a baby breathed heavily and sparsely coughed weakly. He looked frail.
Pitying the poor child, you speak to the Terror Bird and inquire about what is wrong with him. Sadly, they reply that he has been like this for several days now, and that despite all the care and attention they’ve given them skinny youngling, he was getting weaker by the day. With a heavy sigh, they mention offhandedly that things would be different if he could be seen by a healer or a shaman.
At these words, you leap to your feet! Yes! You knew someone who could help him — Lady!
If they would hurry, perhaps she would still be not far from Lake Inua.
To complete this quest, depict your beast encountering the mysterious Terror Bird and their protegés, guiding them to the lake or illustrate this part of the story.
Friendship – Quest 2:
Matching the pace of the young protégés of the Terror Bird, you guide the small group to the Inua Lake as fast as possible. Praying to Arwii for good fortune that Lady was still there…
But luck smiled upon you as you recognized a familiar shape in the distance, the round and fluffy silhouette of the she-bear. Obviously, her own stay was coming to an end and she was about to leave. How fortunate! If you had arrived later, you probably would have missed her.
You call out to Lady with urgency and she raises her head towards you. As you get closer you see the bear’s face light up in surprise.
“Ruda?” you hear her call in a small and timid voice.
Behind you, the Terror Bird stops dead in their tracks and gasps in surprise.
“Donii?!” they replied, in a similar tone.
Soon their mutual surprise was replaced by pure joy. The bear and the bird quickly ran toward each other to exchange a warm embrace. A sudden coughing fit from the sick baby cut the happy reunion short. In a pleading tone the Terror Bird that Lady had called “Ruda” begged her to take care of their sick little protégé. If there was anyone who could take care of him, it was surely her.
To complete this quest, depict your beast arriving at the lake, witnessing the reunion, or illustrate this part of the story.
Friendship – Quest 3:
The sun was finishing its course in the sky when finally the she-bear rose from the bedside of the sick little baby. He was now resting calmly not far from his protector and breathing more easily. While the two found friends were getting busy catching up and reminiscing, you volunteered to be a nanny for the other younglings while their little friend was being cared for. As you took care of the young beasts questions kept running through your head.
“Ruda”? “Donii”? That’s what they had called one another, you were sure of it…
The Golden Tablet, the sacred plaque on which the History of the World is engraved upon mentions a beast by the name of Donii, the Goddess of Healing and Birthing, and Ruda, the God of Children.
Were you actually in the presence of…gods? The thought makes the hair on your spine rise.
Lost in your thoughts, you almost miss the voices of the two friends calling you. With a little hesitation you return to the shores of the lake to join them.
Shortly thereafter, night had quickly fallen and all the little ones were comfortably asleep. They were all curled up against either Ruda or Lady to protect themselves from the night cold. You didn’t sleep however, and couldn’t help letting your eyes wander between the bear and the Terror Bird without knowing what to say or do.
After looking at each other in silence the two friends finally explained themselves.
They confirmed your suspicions, you are really standing in front of Donii and Ruda. Much like the other Gods, they had gone on a quest thousands of years ago, although time meant very little to the immortals. But now they were back, and this time they were nott leaving again anytime soon. Prehistoria and its inhabitants needed them more than ever…
You feel yourself finally relax after this explanation. Both Gods seemed really friendly and didn’t appear very “godly”. They explain with a laugh they decided this way was best. It was to be closer to Prehistorians and to help them more easily. After some more time chatting, you finally are able to set up for a good night of sleep.
However, one thought keeps running through your mind. If “Lady” is Donii… then… who is Old Bear?
To complete this quest, depict your beast staying with the cubs, talking with Ruda and Donii, or illustrate this part of the story.

Eternal Love – Quest 1:
With spring slowly approaching, you decide to make the long journey to the Arwii Caves to pay your respects to the God of Life. Temperatures are still cold in the area, but your steps quickly bring you closer to the rich forest that shelters the sacred place.
The beauty of the area fills you with wonder. There is a relaxing calm, conducive to meditation. Traversing the rich and ancient forest, you finally find the Caves and prepare to place your offering on the altar.
However, you pause after realizing that you are not alone. Sitting in front of the cave entrance, lost in meditation, stood a she-bear with gray fur. Not wanting to break her tranquility, you take a step backwards, but she seems to have already noticed you. She turns around to look at you with her two penetrating blue eyes.
The first thing you notice was her beauty, but also the old age drawing delicate lines on her muzzle ander expression of diffuse sadness. She seemed to be mourning, but still had a soft smile on her face.
“I thought the Arwii Caves had been forgotten with time. I’m glad I was wrong.” She said, in a sweet voice. “Come, have no fear, you haven’t disturb me.”
To complete this quest, depict your beast travelling to the Caves, meeting with the she-bear, or illustrate this part of the story.
Eternal Love – Quest 2:
With the friendly invitation of the she-bear, you finally approached the Arwii Caves and place your offering on the altar before settling down to meditate.
Respectful of your concentration, the she-bear politely remained silent and smiled when you asked her who she was.
“My name is Kala. I am the guardian of this place.” She introduced herself in a simple manner.
You couldn’t help but remark aloud, “Guardian? You must be a very important beast to carry such a title on your shoulders”.
Kala laughed softly and explained that she has been entrusted long ago by Arwii to take care of the Caves and to welcome those who want to try their hand at his trials. Then she asked if the trials were the reason for your visit. But before you can answer you heard someone else coming.
Surprisingly, you recognize Dettlaff, the Snow King. A worried expression was on his face and you soon understood why. At his side, supported by a massive arm of the King, stood Old Bear. Immediately you realized that something was very wrong. The aging bear looked older and more tired than ever and Dettlaff literally had to carry him.
You could hear Kala’s horrified gasp as she rushed to Old Bear’s side as he collapsed on the floor of the Caves. In great distress, the she-bear circled around him, nuzzling him, pushing him, begging him to wake up, to get up, to stay with her…
Old Bear didn’t move and didn’t seem to hear her desperate cries. Despite Kala’s pleas and your help his breathing gets weaker and weaker, only to finally stop…
To complete this quest, depict your beast speaking with Kala, rushing to help Old Bear, or illustrate this part of the story.
Eternal Love – Quest 3:
As Old Bear exhaled his last breath a strange phenomenon occurred. The body of the venerable bear suddenly begins to glow softly, as if illuminated with stardust. Soon, the entire body was engulfed in a light so brilliant that you were forced to close your eyes. Around you, the air seemed to vibrate with raw power and a strong wind started to blow, almost making you lose your balance.
It was only Kala’s reaction that finally made you dare open your eyes again.
“My beloved, you are back among us! You have finally come back to me!” she exclaimed with immense joy in her voice.
The vision before your eyes left you speechless. Instead of the tired body of Old Bear, now stood the massive shape of a huge bear whose entire body seemed to emanate pure light. His mane floated around him like mist and many of his markings glowed like the engravings on the Golden Tablet.
There was such a primal force flowing from this apparition that your first instinct was to kneel respectfully before it.
As you kneeled before the figure in front of you, the dots finally connected in your mind. The apparition before you was none other than Arwii, the God of Life himself.
He was back!
To complete this quest, depict your beast witnessing the phenomenon, greeting Arwii back, or illustrate this part of the story.
Arwii’s Import: