Winter Advent Calendar 2023


Happy Holidays!
2 weeks left and it is Christmas time yet again! To make the waiting time a little bit more bearable Rudolph decided to hand out some gifts again this year!
The advent calendar will close its doors on December 29th, midnight EST


Welcome to this years’ Advent Calendar!
Last year we did not have an Advent Calendar due to the Black Friday Bead Sale. As you might have noticed – we did not have a Black Friday Sale this year. Which means, you are right! Time for an Advent Calendar again to get some nice and shiny gifts!
The last time we added some new event prompts and themes was quite some time ago as well, so we prepared some new ones too! One (1) prompt and theme will be for Harmony ranking, while another one (1) prompt and theme will be for tribes, the Unity ranking. You can find them a little bit lower on this page, right after the image (drawn by Aspi-Galou) of Rudolph happily trotting through the snow:


Just like all our other prompts and themes, special as well as normal ones, these new ones can be used at any time to collect some HP or UP. However, only during the Winter Event (this year from December 22nd 2023 to January 31st 2024), you will also get some Winter Event loot on top. So do not forget to add a link to your tracker so an Admin can throw some seasonal items at you!
Finished entries can be submitted to our “Event Harmony Prompts” folder on deviantArt.
New Harmony prompt and theme:
– Your Beast has heard of a rather special wreath with the power to make any wish come true. Are they trying to find this wreath? Or do they think it’s fairy tales?
– Hot Chocolate
New Unity prompt and theme:
– To the surprise of everyone, a snow figure that was built earlier suddenly comes alive!
– Carol singing competition
To see all other Harmony and Unity prompts and themes go have a look at our Harmony Prompts and Themes and Unity Prompts and Themes pages!


It’s finally time for presents.
Starting today, December 12th, every two days a door will open. What hides behind each door is a secret and will be revealed once the door opens, we want to keep the excitement until Christmas up after all! Below each door, right after the description of the doors’ gift, you will find a link to a comment. Click on it and post an answer, Rudolph will do the rest and hand everything out. Each door will close after two days at midnight EST, the day the next door is opened, with the exception of the last door. This one will be open for 4 days to give everyone enough time to redeem their present while being busy with family and friends.

Let us start this calendar with something small before we come to the big(ger) presents: todays’ door reveals a trait stone of your choice! You may pick any common, uncommon, rare or exotic trait you can find on this page: Traits. Primal as well as Misc Traits are not pickable!
Please follow this link to redeem your gift:

I would like to claim my trait, please!


You are unhappy with a design of one of your beasts but don’t have the items to change it? Do not worry anymore, we got you covered! Todays’ door reveals not one, not two but nine (9) items for everyone:
1x Witches Brew, 1x Witches Wand, 1x Adornments, 1x Battle Wounds, 1x Ear Changer, 1x Eye Changer, 1x Expression Changer, 1x Magical Adornments and 1x Background of your choice (except God BGs!).
Please follow this link to redeem your gift:

Give me all the good stuff, please!


After the last doors’ item avalanche this doors reveals something small again! But small does not always have to be bad, does it? c;
Let us introduce you to our newest companion: our Worg Puppers (Ruby, Panda, Royal Gala). All three of them are available on our Event Market but don’t worry, we won’t make you pay for them today. Follow the link down below to claim your small, new friend! c:
Please follow this link to redeem your gift:

I’d like to claim my pupper, please!


Today something small again before we start with the bigger gifts c;
Last time you got a brand new pupper, this time you get again a companion. However, except for Jynx and Impy, ANY companion is fair game today, so choose wisely! c:
Please follow this link to redeem your gift:

I want my new friendo, please!


It is finally time for yet another package full of items! This time it is centered around breeding and you will get: 1x Stone of Arwii, 1x Ancient Life Rune, 1x Crude Steel Statue, 1x Lovingly Carved Donii, 1x Roast, 1x Golden Apple, 2x Slots to Primals of your choice.
When claiming your gift, please tell us to which Primals you would like to have a slot to! c:
Please follow this link to redeem your gift:

I’d like to multiply my beasts, pretty please!


You are unhappy with one of your genos because it does not have the markings you wished for? No need to fret any further, we have exactly what you need behind today’s door!
Again, it is a bunch of items you get and while it may be the smallest package in this calendar, I would argue it is definitely just as valuable as the others.
Today you get: 1x Fruit of Arwii, 1x Potion of the Night, 1x Golden Charm of Altering, 1x Golden Charm of Shapeshifting.
Small hint for the next door: you might want to wait with using the Golden Charm of Altering on a geno c;
Please follow this link to redeem your gift:

Can I have my items, please!


We arrived at the last door of this advent calendar and we are going to finish this with a bang! A few weeks ago we asked for marking suggestions as quite a lot of people asked for more common markings during our last sale.
We heard your wish and we hope you are happy about those four (4) we picked! Additionally, we also added a new Free Marking: Free Gray.
AND, to top it all off, we decided to put this all together in a Design Rework 2.0. More about this in the announcement though c;
Now to the most important part: today’s gift: You may either comment with one of your genos and have one (1) of the new markings applied or get yourself an entirely new geno rolled. It will have one of the new markings guaranteed of course!
Please follow this link to redeem your gift:

I would like to claim my gift, please!



The Admin Team of Prehistoria-ARPG wishes you all a wonderful time and we hope you enjoy the Christmas time!
We want to thank everyone for sticking with us yet another year and cannot wait to release more exciting things in 2024!