You’re ready to send your beast on some activities to get some loot? Have a look at this page to get all the information you need in order to send your friend on a hunting trip.


Hunting is one of the four (4) regular activities Prehistoria-ARPG offers. As the name already implies is this activity all about hunting prey. However, “hunting” can be showed in various ways in your entries, for example sneaking up on prey or stalking it, chasing it or your beast has already caught it. It is also possible to show your beast stealing the prey from somebody else or scavenging on some carcasses. As long as it loosely follows what could be considered as “hunting” you should be good!
The prey depicted in your entries can be anything found during the time period our game plays in. This includes, but is not restricted to, prehistoric mammals like deer, equines, small predators, etc. Marine life being able to walk outside of water (e.g. frogs, seals) may be depicted as prey too, they do have to be outside of the water though! In order for the activity to count for Hunting at least one prey animal must be depicted.
More examples for prehistoric animals: Wikipedia, Pleistocene megafauna
Basic loot that can be found: Hunting Items
Companions that can be found: Hunting Companions
There is more exciting loot such as reveal or tack items to be found as well! You can find them in our item database, just have a look at the “Source” part of the items, if “Hunting” is listed there is a chance you can obtain it with your hunting entries.
To increase your chances at better loot you can also apply different kinds of bonuses to your beast:
– Reaching Harmony Rank 3 with your beasts unlocks the Legendary Resilience Trait, which gives a higher chance at rarer items. More information about Ranks can be found in our Harmony Rank Guide.
– Spirit Trials can boost the rarity of your loot as well. The different Trials can be found on our Trials Guide page under “Spirit Trials”.
– Companions can have various types of bonuses and can be found on our Companion page under “Hunting”, “Events”, “Quests”, “Overflowing Treasure Chest” and “Misc”.
– Traits can have various types of bonuses as well, just like Companions. They can be found on our Traits page.
– Tack are items, that can be applied directly to the beast and give it a permanent bonus. These can be found on our Item page under “Tack”.
– One time use items on the other hand can only be used once and are added to the activity itself, not the beast. You can find them on our Item page under “One time use”.
Regular activities during events:
A more in depth explanation and backstories on our events can be found on the “Prehistoria Calendar” page.
The necessary requirements for activity entries to count for event loot can be found on both our homepage on the website and our group page on deviantArt. Just have a look at the areas listing the current / future sales or events and check out the part “In order to get the event loot in activities your activities needs to have:”.
Please take care to submit all your entries to the group while the event is open. We do know it is easy to forget submitting uploaded images if you are in a hurry, which is why we allow one or two images being submitted up to a week after the event ended.
However, uploading a lot of images during the event and spreading the submissions until after the event ended due to our restrictions on daily submissions is not allowed!
Required form in your entries’ description:
Nicknames (Literature only):
Attempt to tame a Wild: Yes / No
Relevant Items / Bonuses: (Make sure to list bonuses that affect all beasts in every form. If it is missing the beasts will simply miss out on potentially more / better loot, we will not go back and reroll everyone’s loot!)
Basic rules / requirements:
– Up to two (2) hunting entries are allowed per day.
– Up to three (3) beasts per entry are allowed.
– Beasts must generally be focusing on the activity. However, if there are multiple beasts in the entry it is okay if a minority of them does not actively participate and watch the others for example.
– Please specify in the form above under “Relevant Items / Bonuses” if certain items, companions or traits should not be included when rolling the loot.
– Only one (1) entry per literature / image. If you submit an image with multiple panels for example you will be asked to divide the image into multiple entries.
– Activities cannot be mixed with Trials or Harmony Prompts / Themes in form of a comic with multiple panels for example. Each entry must be clearly for one (1) type of submission: either an activity, Harmony Prompt / Theme, Trial, etc.
– The entry may not be used for anything else besides the hunting activity (you cannot have it rolled as Monthly Quest for example)
– Hunting entries must be submitted to the “Hunting” gallery folder on Deviant Art.
Rules / requirements specifically for art:
– The beasts must be recognizable and display all their markings, even minimally.
– Must show at least 70% of your beast (Activity Ranges).
– At least 50% of the prey animal(s) in your entry has to be shown.
– Special Case Megaloceros: Males of this species loose their antlers during winter season! If your entry is depicted during winter season it is totally fine to leave the antlers away without them counting towards the 70% range.
– Visual works must be at least 500 x 500 pixels, or an equal dimension (exp: 400 x 600).
– Must have at least a simple background (Image complexity).
– Can be colored or Black and White. Shading is optional (Black and White Image Guide).
Rules / requirements specifically for literature:
– Must be at least 800 words.
– Beast must be mentioned frequently throughout (every 100-200 words).
– If collaborating, each person must write at least 500 words each.