News 2020/12/01: New Month, upcoming Event

Heya everyone!
A new month started and we have some announcements for you guys!
So don’t let us waste time and dive right in:
– Cycling Hub
Starting December we will have the Winter Cycling Hub! It’s currently not open nor uploaded though as we still have to clean up the Fall Cycling, which is closed as of now and you cannot comment on it anymore.
We expect it to take us about 2 days to clear the rest before the new Cycling is up and running. Keep your eyes open for a small announcement I will make either in form of a journal or poll to tell you once it’s ready to be commented on again!
– Monthly Bonus and Quest
Once again the Monthly Bonus changed the species benefitting from it: time for the Ursus to have the chance to bring back home 2 extra Trait Shards!
Our Monthly Quest changed again as well and this time you have the chance to get a Golden Fox Bell to try and lur in either Crismun Fex or our Holiday Reindeer c;
– new Cosmetic Guide
Due to some cosmetic items having been changed (mainly Ear Changer and Eye Changer) confusing rules in our old Cosmetic Guide over on dA we decided to set up a new Guide on our website asap to avoid future confusion.
As for the changes I mentioned above – we will explain them in more detail once the new Guide is up and the old deleted in an extra announcement!
These new rules will come into effect once this special announcement is done, so prepare your cosmetic items for some more freedom when it comes to designing your beasts c;
– new World Map
We’re currently working on a new map for our ARPG!
A ton of thanks for the two Admin Beans taking care of it: @AidenHighope and @Aspi-Galou!
Currently we do not have a set release date for it but we will be ready to release the reworked map soon. Yes, you read right, we decided to not only give the map a new look, but also to rework it to include the different (future and currently hidden) Expedition Islands, make it more realistic, add more interesting places important for our reworked Lore, and so on.
I hope you’re as hyped as I am about it!
– Winter Lore Event
After announcing we will have a new Lore Event in the last announcement, I will bring you some more details for it today!
– As already mentioned, it will start December 12th and end December 24th with a big surprise c;
– We will have an Advent Calendar giving out some gifts on at least 6 days with a special giveaway on Dec 24
– The “normal” Winter Event that gives special event loot will start on December 12th as well and end on it’s usual date, January 31st
– We will have some special HP prompts for this year you can do between Dec 12th and Jan 31st, giving you HP and Winter Event Loot!
– Primals / NPCs
Small detail for Primals and NPCs:
As you know, the NPCs got a new fancy look. With that, some of them also got fancy new Traits which can help you in certain areas of the game (mainly activity).
Just to make it clear, especially for all the newcomers we have lately:
You can use Primals AND NPCs for activities no matter if you have or not have your own beast!
Neither do you have to be a Newbie to use them. All players are free to use them and their traits if they have one.
Rules if using them:
– You need to make your own tracker for them so we can throw the loot somewhere
– Up to three Primals / NPCs per activity are possible (since they all count towards the max amount of allowed beasts in an image)
That would be all for today! As I said, I will make another quick announcement once the new Cycling Hub is up and the new Cosmetic Guide up and running. Until then, stay healthy guys!
~ Falbe