News 2021/01/01: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope you had a good start into 2021 c:
Got couple of news for you today again as well:
New Monthly Quest
We have a new Monthly Quest you can complete! This month’ special reward is a Winter Festival Reindeer Companion which is normally only available through a Golden Fox Bell.
Monthly Bonus change
As always, our Monthly Bonus changed as well. Megaloceros’ have now a chance to bring back 2 Trait Shards in activities!
New Wild
A new Wild appeared! A beautiful Worg called Naavoq. Best of luck trying to catch him!
Small change for Hasswei’s Familiar
So far, Hasswei’s Familiar was the one Familiar with the least options to draw to trigger the bonus. To give players some more freedom where to draw their beast having this companion, we decided to add the Hunting Grounds (the area for Hasswei’s Trials) to the areas that trigger the familiars bonus!
To check our the different Locations and the difference between the Hunting Grounds and Hasswei’s Retreat have a look here: Places of Interest
New Seasonal Adventure and more Lore
Unfortunately, due to Christmas and New Year we weren’t able to finish the Seasonal Adventure and a small Lore add-on in time.
We will try our best to release both within the next couple days, but please be patient with us while we try to get back to our normal schedule.
~ Falbe