News 2021/02/02: New Month, Updates

Heya everyone!
We have a new month and with it the usual changes besides some smaller updates I have for you today c:
Let’s start with the usual:
New Monthly Bonus and Quest
As always, the Monthly Bonus and Quest changed!
The Quest will give a Stitched Bear this time, so check it out on our front page!
As for the Monthly Bonus: since last month was for Megaloceros, the cycle started anew with Sabers and we have a new bonus as well: a chance at a random Breeding item! These items include Stone of Arwii, Ancient Life Rune, Crude Steel Statue and Lovingly Carved Donii.
New bank doc
We had to change the Google Spreadsheet the bank was on! We exchanged all links to the new version and the old bank will have the link as well should you accidentally land on it.
And no need to worry about your items – all stayed the same as we just had to make a new copy, so none of your items are gone!
Winter Event
The Winter Event is now finally over and no breedings posted after January 31st will have a chance at Albinos anymore! Neither will activities roll Winter loot even if they have a snowy background.
The Special Prompt and Themes from the Winter Lore Event will no longer give Event loot either!
Thanks to everyone who participated c:
Valentine Event
You see right, one Event over, the next one is already knocking on the doors: the Valentine Event!
As this one will have a mini Lore Event as well, it will be extended from February 12th to February 28th to give everyone time to properly participate.
For more informations on the Event please have a look at our front page having all the informations such as Mutations that can pop up during breedings as well as what triggers Event loot.
New Wild
The previous Wild was successfully tamed by spottedhorse567, congrats!
The new Wild is our very first uploaded Maltese Megaloceros, good luck to everyone trying to catch him!
Reference Channel on Discord
Last time, we introduced a channel on our Discord for tutorials we haven’t faved with CaveSpeaker yet.
To help the players a tad more, we decided to expand the channels use: you can now not only post unfaved tutorials, but also articles about prehistoric animals, useful brushes for Photoshop and other programs, and much more!
Basically everything you find useful and might help other players c:
~ Falbe