News 2021/02/12: New Event, more Updates

Heya everyone!
I’m back with more updates (once again) and interesting news about our new Event starting today c:
Valentine Mini Lore Event
As of today, our anual Valentine Event is live! Submit your activities to get some awesome event loot (if you meet the requirements of course) and have a chance to roll a Beach Morning Mutation in your breeedings!
But that’s not all for this year! We decided to do another Mini Lore Event. This time focusing on friendship and love, featuring two new faces: Ruda and Kala!
To find out more, head over to our event page: Valentine Mini Lore Event 2021
There will be quite some surprises along the way and at the end, so better keep your eyes open!
Oh – we also decided to add another day to the event, it will end on March 1st, Midnight EST / 6 am CET now.
New God Slot Items & Log Cake update
First of all, we have a new God Slot item: the Totem of Ruda, giving one full slot to Ruda.
The biggest change, however, is the introduction of the Golden Apple.
There are two ways to use this Apple:
– Use it directly in breedings
– Reveal it through our Stash Cycling
The difference you ask?
Well, directly using the Golden Apple in breedings allows you to choose any of our MAIN Gods. So neither Arwii nor K’Malou can be used this way.
If you want a slot to either Arwii or K’Malou, you will have to reveal your Apple. Revealing your Apple gives you a randomly rolled god slots, with a chance of the slot being one to our Alpha Gods.
The Golden Apple will basically replace all God slots you found during certain events. It’s also possible to find it during ALL events (excluding Birthday Event) instead of just some!
Neither will the Log Cake roll anymore God slots! We will give you the rest of the month to reveal all your Log Cakes for a last chance to a God slot. Starting March however, it will only roll winter event loot or Primal slots!
Updated Saber V2 and Worg V2 lines
So far the V2 Saber and Worg lines were all divided into smaller PSDs sorted after their mutations. To make it easier ( and since some combinations were missing) we decided to merge them back together into one big PSD!
The links on the Template page were already updated and will send you to those files.
Spirit Trials Update
We also decided to make a small update for our Spirit Trials when it comes to the required backgrounds: from now on Trials will need at least a semi-complex background!
It didn’t seem fair to us only requesting a simple background when the Blessings give quite a good bonus for activities.
New row in our Bank (One Time Use)
We also added a new row in our Bank Sheet: One Time Use.
This row is for all One Time Use items, as they start to drown in the normal item section once you have more items. This should make it a lot easier to keep an eye on how many of them you have!
Bigger Banded range for Megaloceros and Ursus
These two species had the smallest area for Banded. This is now fixed and they both have around the same area!
Have fun!
~ Falbe