News 2021/08/01: Monthly Changes, Mini Announcements

Hello everyone!
Today a new month started yet again, so we have the usual changes:
Monthly Bonus which started a new cycle giving Sabers a chance to bring back 2 Long Forgotten Coins.
– the Monthly Quest changed as well!
We also have two new things to introduce:
New “General Policies” section in our Rules and Policies
After certain incidences we decided to add this section, to give our players a guideline of what we do not allow into our group art / literature wise.
Since this was a mostly unwritten rule so far, not much changes except that we now have it set in stone!
The new Policies can be found on top of our Rules and Policies page: Rules and Policies
Mini Announcements
Sometimes we have announcements which are too small to get their own journal like this one. Our standard way to tell everyone on deviantArt was to use our poll function so far.
This will now change!
We uploaded the following deviation on CaveSpeaker to inform you on all small changes from now on:
Mini Announcements
If you want to be up to date and immediatly be informed if something was announced you should follow CaveSpeaker, as we will update it everytime something was added.
We also work on adding it to our front page on dA, so it’s easy to find if you’re not interested in following CS!
There was also a small mistake while rolling last month’ Monthly Quest: instead of getting a Special BG Token, specific backgrounds were rolled.
We apologize for the mistake and will change any rolled and already redeemed backgrounds in players stashes to Special BG Tokens you can choose one of the following backgrounds with: Alternate Dusk Autumn Forest BG, Ancient Plains BG or Painted Cave BG.
If you have not redeemed your won background yet, our stash Admins will change it to a Special BG Token automatically!
~ Falbe