News 2021/08/30: Start of Event, reworked Spirit Trials

Hello everyone!
I’m happy to announce that our Shadow of Umbru Lore Event finally starts today!
With this Event we want to introduce a whole new chapter of Lore reworks starting with the return of our beloved Goddess Umbru.
We have 4 new Special Event Prompts and Themes and a very special game to offer c;
To find out more about the game and the Prompts / Themes, have a look at the official page on our website:
Shadow of Umbru Lore Event
We’re also excited to announce that we reworked our Spirit Trials!
So far only a few Gods and Goddesses had Trials and Arwii actually had two (Spirit Trials and his Breeding Trials) which confused a lot of people.
We decided to remove Arwii’s Spirit Trials but added new Trials at the same time, so all other Gods and Goddesses have their own now!
Everyone who has a beast with Arwii’s former Spirit Trials: As his Trials were for fishing, they were exchanged with Hathar’s Trials, which basically have the same bonus as the old Arwii Trials.
At the same time we slightly change the bonuses you gain through the Trials. Instead of having a chance to bring back more from a specific item, most bonuses are now giving a higher chance to bring back rare or exotic items from a specific activity.
Mamota’s Trial was changed so it gives a bonus for Quests now: the optional extra reward for the Monthly Quest is guaranteed with his bonus and for every single Seasonal Adventure entry you now have the chance to roll an event (just like with our Moose companions!).
Find out more about the reworked Spirit Trials on this page: Spirit Trials
Rules and Requirements for them (and the Bonding / Arwii Trials) can be found here: Trials
You’re not happy with the changed bonus of the Trial you once did? No problem, for the duration of the event you may remove the Runestone from your beasts Import for free, simply head over to our Non-Cosmetic applies.
After these three weeks you may not be able to remove the Runestones for free anymore, we decided to add a new item for exactly this purpose though: the Wooden Spirit Idol
It can be purchased in the Merchants’ Hut for 5 Long Forgotten Coins or be crafted.
Be aware though, while you can use it as much as you want on an Import, you will always have to completely do the Spirit Trials you want to have for your beast, even if you already did the Trial in the past!
We wish you a lot of fun with this Event and hope you like the changes of our Spirit Trials!
~ Falbe