News 2021/09/04: Monthly Changes, Tribe update

Hello everyone!
First things first before we get to the more interesting things for today: the usual monthly changes:
Monthly Bonus which is now giving Dire Worgs a chance to bring back 2 Long Forgotten Coins.
– the Monthly Quest changed as well!
Other (smaller) changes we did:
Quest Tickets can now be purchased in our Merchants Hut for 5 Long Forgotten Coins instead of 10!
– We changed Prompt 3 – Option 3 of our Handler Path from our Bonding Trials to fit a bit more into prehistoric times!
And now to a rather big change, which concerns our current Tribe system:
While we are super happy to see Tribes becoming more popular again, we also noticed that our current system is, in all honesty, a mess.
We noticed quite a few things contradicting themselves, other things were written in a confusing way and the Admin who could have cleared things up (especially for us Admins) is gone.
Which is why we decided to put the Tribe system temporarily on hold and rework it. But don’t worry, we already have a set month in which we want to release the reworked version: April 2022.
I know it’s quite far away, but it gives us plenty of time to think on how we want to build the new system, what possibilities we want to have, and so on.
If you have any suggestions, if you have something you want to see in the future system, feel free to write it down in our Suggestion Box:
Other suggestion(s)
For everyone who just started a new Tribe or wanted to reactivate theirs:
Feel free to continue to work on your Tribe! Roleplay with each other, gather Unity Points, do activities together. While you may not be able to rank up right now, you will be able to do so later again, so the Unit Points will definitely not be wasted for example! <3
~ Falbe