News 2021/10/02: Monthly Changes, Assur, new Seasonal

Hello everyone!
Like every month we have the usual changes:
Monthly Bonus which is now giving Equus a chance to bring back 2 Long Forgotten Coins.
– the Monthly Quest changed as well!
New Seasonal Adventure
It’s time for a new Seasonal Adventure as well! Although this time ’round a bit less exciting and more playful, as you play hide and seek with Umbru. At least kind of.
Seasonal Adventure: Umbru Eclipsed
Last Seasonal Adventure: Under a Red Sky
Officially the last Seasonal, Under a Red Sky, is over. However, unlike every other Seasonal we had so far, we have something new to release at the end.
Depending on the path you took, you helped with two things:
– a new part of our Past Day Lore was discovered if you helped Ura and Esger!
– you summoned Assur, the Goddess of War and Fury if you helped the cult
As you might see, something went horribly wrong and the once honorable Goddess turned mad before she disappeared, and is now attempting to spread more chaos and death in the world after she returned…
And now I’m going to be the mean guy who tells you “Until here and no further, this is the PERFECT time for a cliffhanger as we have to focus on other things first”.
The Dark Ages Lore part was the last part of our (reworked) Past Day Lore. Now we want to focus on the Present Day Lore rework (which we already started with the last event) and release part for part what happens after Umbru came back to Prehistoria (and actually write it down so nobody has to search through our thousand journals to find out what happened).
As a small sidenote, it is now possible to breed with her, you simply need a Golden Apple or a Feather of Fury and post the breeding.
If you want to know what her offspings can inherit / what you may add to their designs have a look here:
Godly Children: Assur, Goddess of War and Fury
New category for HP Prompts
In the light of the most recent Lore and God reveals we also decided to add a new category of HP Prompts: Returned Gods – Special Prompts (at the bottom of the journal).
We noticed that there is not really anything that could be used as proper Prompt or Theme to show how your beast reacted to the different returns, so we decided to give every God their own prompt. Each prompt will of course give the usual 10HP and be connected with the Ecent the God returned with.
So far only Umbru and Assur have their prompts, the rest will be added once thier reworked Lore is revealed!
Hasswei’s offsprings: Halos
I know Hasswei’s offsprings were allowed to have very bright, even purely white halos. As the same goes for Arwii’s offsprings we decided to change the colors a little bit. Instead of white / bright, Hasswei’s kids may now have a yellow or orange colored halo!
Commenting on designs
We recently had questions resurface regarding the delays commenting on designs.
I deeply apologize for the sometimes long wait since I’m the one who typically comments on designs. And I know it’s frustrating for those excited to play with their new beasts!
But, unfortunately, IRL has my attention 99%, which is why the delays have been so long recently. With my full time job and school, I don’t usually have the energy to put my attention toward Prehi until the weekend. But even then I don’t want to give myself a burnout by working 7 days a week without a break.
I try my best to comment on designs at least every too weeks. But if I’m unable to, I’m sorry in advance!
~ Falbe