News 2021/11/01: Monthly Changes

Hello everyone!
We have November 1st so it’s time for our monthly changes yet again!
– the Monthly Bonus is now giving Ursus a chance to bring back 2 Long Forgotten Coins.
– the Monthly Quest changed as well!
– our Rahutu Trading Post changed it’s offered items as well, this month with a Golden Charm of Shapeshifting as special item!
If you haven’t seen it yet, we currently have a poll as well:
New marking for Equus – poll
Since Pied allows for Sabino like patterns in all other species and Equus are the only species having it as special marking (and causing some confusion from time to time) we decided to exchange it with a new only-for-Equus-marking!
If you have ideas what we could add please leave a comment below the poll!
~ Falbe