News 2021/12/25: Happy Holidays, Raffle Time

Hello everyone!
we have some exciting news with the last two days of our Adent Calendar: one new marking, 2 new variants for existing markings and RAFFLES 😀
First of all, the markings:
Camo is the new marking that will replace Sabino. Therefore, it’s only usable for Equus and no other species.
You can find out more about it on Camo’s new Guide: Camo
If you have a beast that is already uploaded having Sabino and you want to it to have Camo, you will have time until January 31st to completely redesign your beast for free!
If you have a geno with Sabino and you want it to have Camo, head over to our Stash Cycling – Geno Alterations Thread and change it until January 31st for free as well.
If you want to keep the uploaded beast / geno how it currently is – you simply don’t do anything! At the end of January we will go through all Equus and change the remaining ones having Sabino to Pied. Genos that will be uploaded will automatically change Sabino to Pied as well.
Dun has now one new variant you can use if your beast has Dun: Primitive Dun
You can find out more about it on Dun’s new Guide: Dun
– Appaloosa got two new variants as well. However, in contrary to Dun you cannot simply use them if your beast has Appaloosa! Both variants are combinations with one or two other markings. So as soon as all needed markings are present in the phenotype you may use the Snowflake Appaloosa or Varnish variant.
You can find out more about it on Appaloosa’s new Guide: Appaloosa
Thank you Xilveros, VikingDaddy and yvaeith for suggesting Snowflake Appaloosa and Varnish! We will add a Token in your stash you can use to add either Snowflake Appaloosa or Varnish to an unused geno as a small reward <3
And now to the fun part: RAFFLES
We will hold a raffle with three beasts having the new marking and / or a variant of the Dun / Appaloosa marking.
You can enter all raffles until December 30th, Midnight EST. However, you can only win of the beasts! The winners will be announced December 31st.
Here are the links to all three raffles:
Chestnut E340: Raffle Comment
Cole M132: Raffle Comment
Tuarei T100: Raffle Comment
We wish you all Merry Christmas and for those not celebrating some relaxing days!
~ Falbe