News 2021/10/24: Bloodmoon Event, Rahutu Trading Post

Hello everyone!
I’m happy to announce that our annual Bloodmoon Event starts today c:
And not only can you get some event loot through activities like usual – we also have another Lore Event to reveal the next part of our reworked Present Day Lore:
Bloodmoon Lore Event 2021
We once again have a new Special Game in which you can win some neat prizes. However, this time we planned something we never did before: a roleplay game!
The rules and how it works can be found on the page above. If you have any more questions though, feel free to ask! c:
Besides the new Lore we also worked on the Rahutu Trading Post:
Rahutu Trading Post
This market can be used to purchase things you still need for crafting recipes for example or to grab some nice items while they are offered!
And no Beads are needed to purchase anything! Everything can be purchased with items you can find through activities c:
The items will change every month and it’s random what will be offered.
Two smaller things on the side:
– Umbru finally has her official personal Lore and Personality. Apologies for forgetting to update her Import after the Shadow of Umbru Event :c
Again, thanks a lot LadyTeaTime for writing such an awesome story for her! c:
Same goes for the new Prompts and Themes we had in the last SoU Event, they were all added to the Harmony Prompt page!
– The Returned Gods – Special Prompt for Larkka was added on the Harmony Prompt page as well!
I wish you all lots of fun with the new event!
~ Falbe