News 2023/10/01: Monthly Changes, lots of updates

Hello everyone!
The spooky season is finally around the corner and we have some new updates for you all!
As always when a new month start, here are our usual monthly changes:
– the Monthly Bonus is now active for Dire Worgs! They can find a Golden Charm of Altering in regular activities!
– the Monthly Quest changed as well!
– our Rahutu Trading Post changed it’s offered items as well, this month with a Witches Brew as special item.
– We also have a new Seasonal Adventure! Impy mysteriously disappeared and quite a few are worried. Will you solve the case and find him?
The reward is – of course – an Impy for one of your beasts and the quest will be open until the end of December before we switch the Seasonal yet again.
Seasonal Adventure – Gilded Friends
The Merchants Hut has a new category: Trait Shard Exchange! We had a lot of questions and confusion as to where traits can be found or where exactly they can be purchased, which is why we decided to move them.
We are also currently working on finishing all our overview pages for companions, items and traits, so there will definitely be a new and shiny overview pages for ALL traits soon. Just as a side note in case somebody is worried they cannot have a look at all our traits anymore <3
Merchants Hut – Trait Shard Exchange
Companions and the Rare / Exotic Companion Tokens were slightly updated.
Once thing that changed were misleading bonus descriptions (e.g. the activity companions that brought back 1 to 3 extra items but we never specified that it is only for a certain activity or renaming “pouch of herbs” to Fertility Pouch).
We also reworked their categories: Event, Quest, Overflowing Treasure Chest and Misc companions are all now under “Misc”. This did not change where they can be found though! Which brings us to the next change: we updated the sources on all companions and added the Rare / Exotic Companion Token as source so it is clearer for everyone what companions can be picked with what token!
The tokens themselves got a small rework of their description as well. While the Exotic Companion Token still plainly says that you may pick any companion of your choice, we went a bit more into detail for the Rare Companion Token.
Companions also got their shiny new overview pages:
Companions I
Companions II
– Something I forgot to mention the last time (sorry about that >.<): we redid our Image Complexity Guide to (hopefully) make it a lot easier to understand <3
Image Complexity Guide
– We also decided to add a new rule when it comes to stashing / using items from admin comments. To make things easier for everyone and reduce the dangers of items being used multiple times all items have now to be redeemed (put into your stash) before you can do anything with them. This includes using items for breedings, geno alterations, etc.
There is one exception though: reveal items can still be revealed from admin comments and do not have to be redeemed first! Since the revealed items are immediatly stashed anyway we don’t see any benefit of touching those items twice in bank.
– Last but not least: new Common Markings. We heard your wish during the last Sale that you guys want more Common Markings. The last two to three weeks we tried to brainstorm some new ideas but found it was rather hard for us, as all ideas were either too close to existing markings or we had no ideas at all c’:
Which is where you guys come into play. We created a new comment in our Fall Cycling Hub you can comment on if you have any idea for a new Common Marking. The only rule is, that your idea should not be too close to an already existing marking. Common markings are generally available for all species, so keep that in mind as well! Feel free to create mock designs of your idea and try to explain your idea as detailed as possible so we can imagine what you had in mind as well <3
Every player whose idea(s) we picked will get themselves a Rare Semi-Custom (normal or special base) and we will raffle off one Exotic Semi-Custom between all suggestions <3
Suggestion Comment
~ Falbe