News 2023/12/25: Design Rework 2.0

Happy Holidays everyone!
I hope you had a wonderful last two days no matter where you were and what you celebrated if you did ❤️
As you might have noticed – this news journal will not be about our monthly changes like usual. Instead we have big news about a Design Rework 2.0!
We already had a rework a few years ago which changed quite a lot of things rule wise.
While this time around there are only minor changes for a few markings, the biggest change is the move from dA to the website (yes, you heard right, after needing literaly years we are finally done moving all journals from dA to the website).
Since our previous marking and mutation guides were rather sparse with (useful) information we decided to add a lot more explanations on how exactly the marking / mutation works alongside example images.
We also added visual examples for allowed edges to make this front easier as well for everyone!
Currently, the only thing missing are the example imports. Unfortunately we did not manage to add them yet as we want to make sure to pick good examples. They will follow throughout the next days though!
And please let us know if something is still confusing or if you think a certain information is missing!
You can find all markings and mutations on these two pages:
Base Coats and Markings
As for minor things that changed. Here’s a small list:
– The Smokey mutation for Ursus is removed, as it is basically the Cross mutation with a different name. Which means that Cross is now a mutation for both Dire Worgs and Ursus!
– The Polar mutation for Ursus was removed as well, actually for the same reason as Smokey. It is basically Albino, therefore Albino now includes Ursus.
– To make the difference of Pied and Raindrop more clear we decided to only allow soft or textured edges for Raindrop. This mainy affects the holes of Raindrop, which were previously allowed to be hard edged.
– Jackal streaks are now allowed to be slighty textured and do not have to be hard edged anymore.
– White markings may now all be pure white as well. We had a few which were marked as white, but did not allow for pure white to be used.
– Any marking that allows for pure white has both the hex and rbg for it included, so everybody knows what is meant by pure white.
We are almost at the end, time for the most exciting stuff!
A few month ago we started a suggestion thread for new common markings after so many people asked for them during our last sale.
From all suggested markings we added 4 more common markings which are available starting today:
On top of those four we also added a new Free Marking: Free Gray! Many wanted to create elder beasts but had the issue that their geno did not have Misty. To make things easier we added the perfect marking for this purpose c;
And now to the best part! Today the last door of our advent calendar opened and it gives you two options:
1. Apply one of the four new markings to an already existing geno
– Simply comment with a geno under the advent calendar thread. It must belong to you!
– Tell us which marking you would like to have added
– An admin will update the geno so it is official!
2. Get yourself a randomly rolled geno with one of the new markings guaranteed!
– If you do not like your geno you may have it rerolled once
You can find the link to the comment thread on our Advent Calendar page!
I hope you are as happy about these changes as we are!
~ Falbe