News 2024/03/03: Monthly and Seasonal Changes

Hello everyone!
Despite a slight delay of a couple days it’s finally time for the monthly updates c:
As always when a new month start, here are our usual changes:
– the Monthly Bonus is now active for Sabers again! Since a new cycle started they can now find a Golden Charm of Shapeshifting in regular activities!
– the Monthly Quest changed as well!
– our Rahutu Trading Post changed it’s offered items as well, this month with a Custom Title as special item.
– As mentioned above, we also had the change from our Winter to our Spring Cycling, which is now officially open again!
– Naturally, with a new season comes a new Beast of the Season! Congrats to AidenHighope and their Saber Hexe S1219!
Hexe is a much beloved Saber and is a familiar face among many. Her life, her story, is known and the future of what may happen has us sitting on the edge of our seats. We hope that this badge of honour at least puts a smile on this small Saber’s face in these trying times.
Small reminder for our Valentines Lore Event! Since the last hint was released a day too late, it will end on Monday, March 4th, Midnight EST!
– And another reminder: there’s one month left to start / finish the current Seasonal Adventure before a new one will appear c;
~ Falbe