News 2024/03/12: New NPC – Ceryn

Hello everyone!
After the Valentines Lore Event ended on March 4th, Midnight EST it is finally time to fully reveal who was hiding behind the giant flower! We know some of you thought it was Enlil himself, but unfortunately we have to disappoint you guys c;
The Mega hiding and dropping hints in the form of flower riddles is Ceryn – a Lyti covered in moss, mushrooms and other plants. Not surprising he has an affinity for flowers, is it?
But what are his motives? Why did he appear now of all times? Something is about to start – we just need to find out what!
Ceryn’s gender is listed as female but he identifies as MALE. Please respect his pronouns / identity if you feature him in any of your entries!
The decision to use “female” for the gender was made in regards to keeping things fair for players owning trans-characters as well. As beasts are not allowed to have their genders changed officially without a Fruit of Arwii, we will not do the same for group owned trans-characters.
~ Falbe