News 2024/03/25: New community contest

Hello everyone!
After an eternity of having no Community Contest it is finally time again!
Last December, in our Advent Calendar, we released 4 new common markings: Bald, Bullseye, Highway and Patch.
While we did update four existing Primals for Sabers, Dire Worgs and Equus each, there is still the need for Primals with the new markings when it comes to Ursus, Megaloceros, Terror Birds and Wooly Mammoth. Which is where you guys come into play c;
This Community Contest will be about designing Primals for the species mentioned above! Every design submission will be rewarded with 2.000 Beads and two Rainy Skies event items. The winners will get slots to their designed Primals of course!
Rules, the lines and submission comments can be found on our official Community Contest page: Community Contest – Design our new Primals 2024
As a small side note as we forgot to update our front and group page in time: the Rainy Skies event has started today as well c;
~ Falbe