Winter Event: Advent Calendar 2021


Happy Holidays!
Only 1 and a half week left until Christmas! To make the time even more exciting we will have, just like last year, an Advent Calendar!


Welcome to this years’ Advent Calendar!
Unlike last year, there won’t be a whole Lore Event with new parts of our Lore. But don’t be sad, we kept the Advent Calendar with some nice gifts and have 4 new Event Prompts and Themes prepared for you!
Since there is not much more to say, have a nice image of Rudolph walking through a snowy landscape drawn by Aspi-Galou instead:


The new Event Prompts and Themes can be done anytime (just like any other Event Prompt / Theme), even after the event is over. But keep in mind, only when done during this event, from December 14th, 2021 to January 31st, 2022, they will count for HP and bring back Winter Event loot!
Finished entries can be submitted to our “Event Harmony Prompts” folder on deviantArt.
– Your beast and another suddenly found themselves under a mistletoe.
– Your beast has found a beautiful tree and decides to decorate it (must keep the items prehistoric looking tho!).
– Bonfire
– Songs and Stories
To see our general Winter Event Special Prompts and Themes go have a look here: Harmony Prompts and Tribe Unity


Time for presents!
Starting on December 14th we will open one door of our Advent Calendar every two days, revealing what’s behind. All doors will open around the same time: Noon EST / 6 pm CET and you can claim your gifts until the next door opens!
To collect your gift just follow what the descriptions below the different doors tell you to do!

You always wanted to partially change your beasts design but getting your hands on a Witches Brew was too much of a struggle? Well, we have good news then! Behind today’s door you can find a Witches Wand, basically a Witches Brew in small, which can change up to 50% of your beasts’ design! Starting January 1st it will also be available through the Merchant Hut and can be crafted.
Please follow this link to redeem your gift:

I want my Witches Wand, please!


Time to make your beasts’ Import even fancier! Today you may choose one Import Background of your choice, no restrictions, any background is fine!
Here you can see all backgrounds we have: Import Backgrounds
Please follow this link to redeem your gift:

My beast needs some fancy background!


What’s more rewarding than seeing the smile on someone’s face after giving them a gift? Today’s task: give another player a gift. It can be something from your stash, a small drawing, anything!
Comment in our Day 3 Thread with a proof for your gift (link to the image, a transfer comment, etc) and we will give you a randomly rolled exotic item in return!
Please follow this link to redeem your gift:

Can I have my exotic item please?


Captain and Abyss brought some new friends from Tetl Island with them! They certainly look curious with their very long snout. This is your chance to get one of these as companion for your Tetl Expeditions!
Please follow this link to redeem your gift:

Give me my new friend!


It’s time for Lootboxes again! All Lootboxes will have 5 activity items of at least uncommon rarity with one exotic item guaranteed, one random activity tack and one random activity companion. You can choose between a Hunting, Fishing, Discovery, Foraging or a random one!
Please follow this link to redeem your gift:

Can I have my Lootbox, please!


Today we have something very special for you: one new marking (Camo) and new variants for two other markings (Appaloosa and Dun)!
Have a look here: Camo, Appaloosa, Dun
Please follow this link to redeem your gift:

Nothing to redeem!


Following the new markings we released there will be three raffles with beasts having the new marking and / or one of the new Appaloosa / Dun variants!
You may enter in all raffles, but you can only win one of the beasts. The raffles will end December 30th, Midnight EST and we will announce the winners December 31st.
Please follow the link to enter the raffles:

Enter here for Chestnut E340!

Enter here for Cole M132!

Enter here for Tuarai T100!


The Admin Team of Prehistoria-ARPG wishes you all a wonderful time and we hope you enjoy the Christmas time despite all the hardships 2021 threw at us!
We want to thank everyone for sticking with us yet another year and we’re already excited to release more awesome stuff next year in 2022!