News 2021/06/01: Cycling Hub closed, Updates

Hello everyone!
A new month started and we have the usual changes:
– the species benefiting from the Monthly Bonus changed! This month Megaloceros will have the chance to find random breeding items!
– the Monthly Quest changed
Cycling Hub Change
It’s time to change our Cycling Hub again as well! Starting today the Spring Cycling is now closed. We will clean all areas that still have comments left and upload the new Summer Cycling Hub once we’re done!
Genotype of our genos / Imports
Important: this only applies to the GENOTYPE, the string of letters above the phenotype, nothing else!

A few weeks back we asked through a poll about your opinion on genotypes: whether or not you want to keep them or are okay with us removing them.
Our group has no dominant genes, nor anything else needing the genotype of a beast, which makes this part pretty useless and, as we noticed a few times now as well, confuses especially new players.
The majority of you all was okay with us removing the genotype part – which will happen starting this month!
Every geno given out starting today will no longer have a genotype, only the phenotype telling you what genes your beast has! Future imports will no longer have genotypes either and slowly but surely we will go through all existing Imports to remove their genotypes as well!
Seasonal Adventure
A small reminder that there is one month left to participate in our current Seasonal Adventure, A Godly Union!
~ Falbe