Valentines Lore Event 2024


Something unusual is happening during this year’s Valentines Event, let’s see if we can figure out what or who is behind all of this!


Welcome to this year’s Valentines Lore Event!
After a cold winter spring is finally around the corner! The snow slowly smelts away and the first flowers are blooming. The time to show each other appreciation and love has come and as usual many use the chance to ask out their interest or to get some useful tips from Shaggy himself.
However, something seems to be a bit off this year. Next to the usual plants there are also some new, strange flowers appearing out of nowhere… During the evenings, when beasts and people alike are gathered around large fires, some are even telling stories of a walking plant they supposedly saw near Enlil’s Heart.
After Hathar’s flying fish incident almost a year prior nobody seemed particularly surprised about plants being able to walk now though, as strange as it sounds.


Special HP / UP Prompts and Themes:
Event Special Prompts and Themes found on our Harmony Prompt and Themes page and Unity Prompt and Themes page will give you event loot next to 10HP / 10 UP for the duration of the Event!
All entries have to be submitted to our Harmony Prompts – Event Harmony Prompts Folder in our dA group to have the loot rolled!
There are also a few new prompts and themes available this year!

Harmony Prompt and Theme:
– Your beast has been proposed to by their beloved!
– Love at First Sight

Unity Prompt and Theme:
– Your tribe invented a magical love potion. What are its effects?
– Platonic


Special Game:
As the introduction above implies, there are strange things happening involving flowers. But what or who causes this? Nobody is entirely sure. Is it a trick of one of the gods or is Arwii experimenting again? Maybe the cause is something entirely different, it is on us to figure it out!
In order to reveal the reason behind the trouble we will host a small scavenger hunt! To (probably) nobody’s surprise the topic will be flowers.
Each Sunday (Feb 11th, Feb 18th, Feb 25th) we will release a new hint for a flower we search for. It is not always a specific flower we are looking for though! Some of the hints may be more general to allow for a variety of flowers to count (e.g. the hint “The flower is bright yellow, acting like a magnet for all kinds of insects” would allow for any yellow colored flower you can think of). If we search for a very specific one the hint will be very specific as well to make it easier to find it through Google or other search engines.
Every entry that was submitted and depicts the correct flower will remove a part of the flower hiding our culprit. Additionally, all beasts depicted in the images / literature pieces will get a roll with Valentine’s Event loot!
All entries have to be submitted to our Prehistoria Events – Valentines Event Folder in our dA group to have the loot rolled! One beast per player and per entry (but you can change your featured beast every week)

Required form in your entries’ description:

– Minimum requirements for art:
– At least a simple background (Image complexity).
– The beasts must be recognizable and display all their markings, even minimally
– Must show at least 70% of your beast (Activity Ranges).
– Can be colored or Black and White. Shading is optional (Black and White Image Guide).
– Beasts have to focus on finding the flower
– Minimum requirement for literature:
– Must be at least 800 words.
– Beast must be mentioned frequently throughout
– Beasts have to focus on finding the flower
– Admins may partake in this game since the prizes are rolled randomly and they do not know the correct flower(s) to each hint

Hint #1:
The flower we are looking for this week is mostly found in the colors red, white or pink. It grows on bushes and the stems have large thorns, making it quite the painful experience to gather the flowers. They are also very popular during this time and gifted to those you love, making beautiful and large bouquets.
– The answer was: roses!

Hint #2:
Towering tall, I turn to the sun, a golden giant, second to none. What am I?
– The answer was: a sunflower!

Hint #3:
The snow slowly starts to melt away and the weather gets warmer day by day. It is the time of the first flowers to rise their heads through the last layers of snow. Which kinds of early bloomers do you know of?
– The answer is: any kind of spring flowers!