News 2023/06/11: Expedition Rahutu Clan rework

Hello everyone!
Since this affects a few more areas than just a page with some new information on it we thought it’s a good idea to create a big announcement for the changes c:
What changed anyway? Well, the past few months we sat together and thought about how we can give Expeditions and therefore the Rahutu Clan a better Lore, so it fits better into our world.
The following was updated or added:
– Ancient Sabers finally have a description on our Species Info page
– A new Lore page was added to our website: Expedition Islands Lore. Here you can find general Lore for any island that can be visited through Expeditions.
– The Rahutu Clan page was updated as well. We added more information about the inner workings of the Tribe (“Tribe Structure”) as well as their past and how the Tribe came to be (“Their history”)
Abyss’, Chief’s, Captain’s and Xanmeer’s personal Lore was updated as well on their Imports!
– We added Nantli and Ichtaca as new NPCs since they are a big part of the Tetlcuamiztli Island Lore
Places of Interest got a rather big update as well! We added a map of the whole world on top and at the bottom the area for Tetlcuamiztli Island icluding descriptions for the most important areas.
– The remaining three companions for Tetl Island Expeditions were uploaded and can be found during expeditions, through Jynx & Impy, the Befriender Trait or the Horn of Beasts Item
I hope you guys like the changes!
And in case some of you worry that Rahutu gets so much attention while the other Tribes are kind of “forgotten”. Don’t worry, we have plans for their mire in-depth Lore as well, they will definitely get some attention as well c;
~ Falbe